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Dennis B. Boykin IV is the founder & Managing Principal of DB4 Consulting, LLC of Leesburg, Virginia. An experienced senior executive with an established track record of success in operations, service delivery, business development, and capture management, Mr. Boykin focuses on pipeline and capture management, as well as the integration of newly acquired companies and their assets. He is a published author & subject matter expert in the areas of performance-based contracting & capture management. He has migrated business units and companies from small business staff augmentation models with extensive 8(a) content to full and open solutions provider models. Mr. Boykin has managed pipelines of over 125 pursuits worth more than $ 4.4 B. While managing a business unit of 300+ employees at a mid-tier integrator, he increased annual revenues from $30 M to $45 M in just 22 months. While managing the Army business unit at a mid-tier integrator, he led the capture of the Army National Guard's 9 year, 72 FTE LAN/MAN outsourcing worth over $ 90 M after extensions and growth, and also led the successful capture of the Army’s $ 1 Billion ITES-1 IDIQ procurement. At a another mid-tier integrator, he instituted a Shipley-model business development organization for his division, which became the corporate standard ISO process for business development and capture management.

Mr. Boykin served our nation as an enlisted aircrewman in the U.S. Navy and later as an Artillery officer in the U.S. Army. He retired in 1999 as a designated expert in Modeling & Simulation. He is a graduate of the Field Artillery Officer's Basic Course, the Armor Officer's Advanced Course, and is a school - trained Contracting Officer's Representative. He has commanded both line and headquarters units, served 3 tours overseas, and was awarded the Bronze Star for his achievements during Operation Desert Storm. Mr. Boykin holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Arizona & a Masters in Business Administration & Organizational Development from Webster University. He is ITIL Version 3 certified and holds an active Top Secret security clearance.

Mr. Boykin serves the Town of Leesburg, Virginia as the Chairman of the Leesburg Executive Airport Commission, serves Virginia Special Olympics as the General Aviation Volunteer coordinator for their annual Dulles Day Plane Pull, and supports several humane organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region with aerial transport of rescue animals. You can reach Dennis here: Email Address Presented As An Image To Reduce Spam or thru our CONTACT US page by selecting the appropriate box on the form.


DB4 Consulting is part of a cooperative venture between consulting firms that allows clients the background and expertise of multple consultants who can be engaged directly, individually, or through any one of the members. This provides our clients reachback to over 125 years of government and industry experience by engaging any one of our co-op members.


Richard E. Deloney, Jr. is the Founder & Managing Partner of West Windsor, LLC in Glendale, Arizona. He focuses on new business development, program management and service delivery, and business acquisition and integration. He has demonstrated leadership excellence within Fortune 500 companies and smaller, more entrepreneurial firms. As a former Partner with an international consulting company, a General Manager, and a Senior Vice President for Business Development, Mr. Deloney has held full P&L responsibility for multiple businesses, and has successfully led organizations both domestically and internationally. He possesses hands-on experience working in both the commercial and government business environments. Mr. Deloney has also served in the White House under two presidents. A graduate of the University of Alabama, he also holds an advanced degree from Central Michigan University. Other education includes the Executive Development Program from Emory University, a Certificate in Information Technology Management from Georgia Tech, and training from the U. S. Air Force’s Air War College.

Mr. Deloney served our nation in the United States Air Force and retired from a position with the White House Communications Agency, where he directed communications support for the President of the United States. He holds an active Top Secret security clearance. Mr. Deloney is Chairman of the Board of Directors for Saddleback Communications in Scottsdale, Arizona; member of the board for the Maricopa Foundation; and is a member of the Dean's Advisory Council for the School of Global Management and Leadership at Arizona State University. You can reach Rick here: Email Address Presented As An Image To Reduce Spam or thru our CONTACT US page by selecting the appropriate box on the form.


John J. Barrass is the co-founder & Chief Operating Officer of Right Sized Solutions, Inc. of Vienna, VA. He focuses on new business development, capture management and pipeline development, as well as making himself available to support post-acquistion integration operations. Mr. Barrass has owned and operated two small business concerns in the Federal IT services space, using his prior experience as a Chief Operating Officer of a mid-tier IT services firm, Senior Vice President of Operations of multiple business units in three different systems integrators, and a program manager on government sites. Mr. Barrass has ground level experience managing government programs in the IT, Modeling & Simulation, and strategic analysis arenas. He is an acknowledged industry expert in the areas of opportunity management & development, capture management, and merger integration. He has personally led multiple capture teams winning in excess of $ 1.8 B in government awards, and is known in industry circles as one of the best at determining the salient points in capture & proposal efforts, and is famously efficient at keeping those efforts on track and relevant to the procurement.

Mr. Barrass served our nation as an Artillery officer in the U.S Army. He is a graduate of the Field Artillery Officer Basic & Advanced Courses, the Defense Language Institute, and the Command & General Staff College. He is a qualified Foreign Area Officer (Northeast Asia) with command experience in both tactical and strategic units, as well as staff experience from brigade up thru theater level. A graduate of the University of Florida, Mr. Barrass also holds an MBA from Golden Gate University. He is ITIL Version 3 certifed at the Foundation level, a certified Program Management Professional (PMP), and holds an active Top Secret security clearance. You can reach John here: Email Address Presented As An Image To Reduce Spam or thru our CONTACT US page by selecting the appropriate box on the form.


George Dellinger has over thirty years experience pursuing, capturing, and fulfilling government contracts across multiple civil agencies and the Department of Defense. George brings a background in network operations & project management to bear for clients in their pursuits of new Federal contracts. He specializes in large-scale, single-award, highly-competitive Federal Government labor services contracts. George is a hands-on leader and highly-effective doer who embeds with client staff and nurtures customer relationships to gain insight into formal and informal requirements. He firmly believes in designing differentiating win strategies for clients in the labor services marketplace that allow small and mid-tier contractors to win on value, rather than price. He is also an expert at building winning technical and pricing solutions; assembling the customers vision of the ideal vendor team, and craftng complete proposal submissions that win. He has trained numerous operations managers and business developers in the esoteric and complex world known as 'Capture Management'.

Mr. Dellinger served our nation as an officer in the U.S. Army Signal Corps. With his MBA in Operations Research from Syracuse Universe and experience designing, implementing, and operating large scale communications networks, enterprise solutions, and running large-scale government contracts, George is a difference maker who provides unique hands-on leadership, experience, and a driving compulsion to win. You can reach George here: Email Address Presented As An Image To Reduce Spam or thru our CONTACT US page by selecting the appropriate consultant on the form.