Capture Management - Art, Science, Or Sorcery ?

Our practice of the art & science of capture is founding in our copyrighted "Six C's Of Capture Management" - a foundation that is neither rocket science nor high art, but merely applied logic. We understand what motivates the government task manager to select a winning bidder and how to use it to your advantage. That is tje focus of our practice. Our expertise increases your win rate on single award, fully - funded labor services contract. We have also had success pursuing, capturing, and exploiting multiple-award IDIQ contracts in multiple customer spaces.

Following the industry-standard business development models espoused by Shipley and SM&A, among others, it's our contention that the preparation for a government procurement is much like the tactical planning we employed in the Army. Commander's Concept? We call that CONOPS now. Enemy Order of Battle? See the 'Competition' slide in the ubiquitous step briefing or gate review. Intelligence Preparation? We now know them as customer calls & industry meetings. In all these phases we follow a logical process that fits into our copyrighted " Six C's Of Capture Management".
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So What Are the " Six C's Of Capture " ?

The " Six C's Of Capture Management" are an outgrowth of a decade of training, experience, a whole bunch of wins, and more than a few losses. They provide a logical organizational taxonomy around which to focus your efforts. The 'one-liners' below are but a small subset of the pages of questions that surround each 'C'.

  • - Credibility: Your firms ability to convince others that you can really do this work.
  • - Capacity: Your firms ability to actually write this bid, orr otherwise lock down the work.
  • - Capability: Your firms ability to actually do what you've convinced others you can.
  • - Compelling: The heart of the matter........and what you pay us to make happen.
  • - Champion: At the end of the evaluation, is there a tie-breaker in your favor ?
  • - Competition: How many, and what kind?

Notice we left "Competition" for last. Here's a tip: It's our considered opinion that sizing up the competition, discussing the competition, rating the competition, conducting Black Hats, and gaining competitive intelligence all has it's place, but most firms spend too much time on it. Ask us why....

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How Do The Six C's Work?
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